PSA: “Because Fluoride”

Industrial Esoterica turned 2 today!

Industrial Esoterica turned 2 today!

This had to be the best movie this year. It was one of the few films where I thought the quality was above the rest for the year.


A good classic from Combichrist. I love the pulsation synth in this song and the great vocals by Andy.

Combichrist “Get Your Body Beat” Music Video (by arkgoth)

This is a really good introduction for people who don’t know about Steampunk.

Off Book | Steampunk | PBS Arts (by PBS)

Just browsing Youtube for demos of gear I want and found this great demo of what the Vostok can do in pinch.

I listened to great artists as Trent Reznor and Alec Empire, so I was pretty convinced then I needed one of these babies. Now I am absolutely convinced I need one, the sooner, the better!

Analogue Solutions Vostok Demo (Kind of…) (by FatSynthDude)

An aggrotech/electro-industrial style song I created putting the drums throught delay,distortion and reverb creating the sound matrixing effect of hearing the words “I Can Make You Bleed” in the distortion.

Even though the drums are extremely distorted and there is no definable kick or snare in the song.I rather enjoyed making it and listening to it.

A gothic dark ambient piece created in Kore 2. This song was influenced by the minimalist modern composer Avro Part and electronic composer Brian Eno.